Thursday, January 15, 2009

Food Adventures

The art of living easily as to money is to pitch your scale of living one degree below your means.
~Sir Henry Taylor

Determined to slash as many expenses as possible over the coming year in order to save more money and apply more money to debt pay-off, I am re-evaluating the food budget. I make much of our food from scratch with the exception of breakfast. The reason being I am not a morning person. But I am willing to change that in order to stretch my husband's pay as far as possible and quicken our path to debt-freedom.

As I did the grocery shopping this morning, I intentionally avoided the cereal aisle with all of its sweet sugary temptations. I did have the girls with me after all!

Once home, I made a list of breakfast possibilities. I had great deal of breakfast items on hand already, so I didn't need to buy much. Here's my list:

Oatmeal with fruit and milk
Toast of various kinds
Fruit smoothies w/fresh strawberries
Eggs, bacon, and cheese grits

Not too shabby, eh? There's a nice variety and they are all relatively easy to make. Thankfully, they actually like my home-cooking. I think Alfred will be shocked as I am going to get up early enough to send him off to work after having eaten a good breakfast, but you gotta keep them on their toes by doing the unexpected.

It makes life a little more interesting!


sarah p said...

Alas, our breakfasts are not interesting at all. We have two slices of toast every morning, that's it. In winter Rose might have porridge and honey if I'm really energetic.

It's a habit my mother instilled and her mother before her. Other people seem to have much more exciting breakfasts. But at least we get to have guilt-free morning tea!

Caroline said...

Oh gosh I was hungry before coming here and now I am starving! Did someone say bacon??? Oh jeez, my downfall...

Raggedy Girl said...

This is a wonderful aspiration. And i just cleaned out my pantry with the same idea so that I could see what I already have and shop in my own kitchen first. I wonder if my sweeties would eat grits, I love them.
Roberta Anne

Lady Laurie said...

I've always been a morning person and try to eat a good breakfast ~ as long as I have my cup of tea!
Oh, I love grits!!

Stay warm, I think tomorrow will be a serious baking day here with all this cold weather!

The Muse said...

i love fresh verses pre- packaged...good for you!!!

and that pic above? yes i want to live there :) said...

Sounds good. Smoothies with a carb like muffins or toast or oatmeal is really filling and healthy! This most made me hungry :0)

Genie Sea said...

YUM! What time is breakfast? I will right over! :)

Way to go on your quest for debt-free living; may it happen quickly and painlessly! :)

Jane said...

A few months ago, I took a chunk of my savings and paid off all my credit card debt. My dad was so amazing to pay off the balance of my car loan at the same time. I can't tell you how good it feels to have that mountain of debt off my shoulders! My one little piece of advice, for what it's worth: when you pay off a credit card debt, close the account. I had one card that I did not close and had to use it again in November for things needed for Breen's daughter's wedding. I just got it paid off but felt disappointed that I had to go back to using it.

I like your list of breakfast foods! I too am trying to find ways to be more economical with the grocery budget. I've been eating less meat these days which seems to be a pricey item on my weekly list.

8)(8 said...

That's a nice list. We are not big breakfast eaters here. But Ami is into mircrobiology and we learned to make our own buttermilk, yogurt, and cream cheese. Cream of Wheat is inexpensive.

Ami prefere toast and about once a week, a pancake or a waffle.

I buy cereal, but my spouse is the only one who eats it. So I only buy the cereals that are half off or two for one. He doesn't care for the inexpensive brands, except for shredded wheat because it is flavorless to begin with.

Sacred Suzie said...

You know what's awesome about that? Those are the foods people go out to eat at restaurants! Those are the breakfast items we prize and pay big bucks for and you will be SAVING money by making them yourself. That rocks!

It's cold this morning. I think I'm going to make some Red River Cereal. That's one of the only healthy cereals out there. My husband calls it bird seed.