Monday, January 05, 2009

Fluff or Fitness?

I have taken the plunge and committed myself to regular exercise. I've always longed to be fit, but lacked the motivation and discipline to keep it up. I have never been physically fit. I was never into sports as a child as I leaned more towards the arts. When Alfred & I met, I was simply young and thin.

Now I am ready to take control of my health and reshape my body! I love soda, but it doesn't love me so I am reducing my soda intake and am now drinking 2 quarts of water daily. Oxygen magazine is a wonderful resource for fitness and nutrition as well as a source of inspiration.

I'll share weeks one and two of my plan for those interested:

Strength Training: Do 2 sets of 15 repetitions for each exercise
Cardio: Start with 20 minutes; add 5 minutes each week

Mon: Upper Body
Tues: Cardio
Wed: Rest
Thurs: Lower Body
Fri: Cardio
Sat: Rest
Sun: Cardio

Upper Body Exercises: Do in numeric order!
1. Push ups
2. Bent Over Dumbbell Row
3. Dumbbell Shoulder Press
4. Dips
5. Biceps Hammer Curls
6. Crunches

Lower Body Exercises:
1. Squat
2. Stability Ball Hamstring Curl
3. Lunge
4. Side Lunge
5. Calf Raise

Before every strength workout: Warm up 5-10 minutes with light cardio (march in place).

After every strength & cardio workout: Cool down 5-10 minutes. Follow u with light stretching and flexibility work.

Breakfast should be your biggest meal! Go for oatmeal & berries, followed by boiled or scrambled egg whites and a slice of dry toast. Make tea, coffee, or water your beverage.

*Other meals should be prepared the night before & eaten every 2.5-3 hours to keep your metabolism up. You need a lean protein paired with a carb for energy.

Meal Ideas:

Grilled chicken breast & an apple
Water packed tuna & brown rice
Cottage cheese & a salad
Egg Whites & a sweet potato
Ezekial bread & 1 Tbsp. nut butter
Beans & chopped barley

Don't worry if you don't have all the equipment or the right foods. Many exercises can be modified to allow for medical conditions and you can do a lot using just your body weight or use soup cans instead of dumbbells.

Foods - cut out all the processed junk & sugar. Eat more veggies & whole grains. Eat smaller portions. Use a small salad plate instead of a regular dinner plate for meals....a little trick I use.

Above all, just start!

And then continue to be consistent!

Really, that's all there is to it!


Penelope said...

Wow, what a great plan! Eating healthy and getting into shape is always a good idea. I like the meal ideas, they sound yummy!

8)(8 said...

Best wishes with your plan.

8)(8 said...

Best wishes with your plan.

Ping said...

Thanks for sharing it's an inspiration.