Friday, December 05, 2008

Books and Nature

Yesterday started out fairly warm with temperatures in the 60s. I was able to do the grocery shopping early that morning. I ran errands an hour later when I took Kendall to work and made it home just as the rain began.

I love the sound of rain in the roof-top, but even more I love when the downpour lessens and you can only hear a trickling of raindrops. There is silence in the natural world as the animals wait patiently for the rain to end.

Standing at the kitchen window, I noticed a throng of house finches. There must have been nearly 20 of them gathered 'round the feeder! I only saw one male in the bunch with his beautiful rosy-colored chest. Occasionally a cardinal or two will join the finches. This time it was a lone female cardinal.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of something running across the yard to take cover beneath a tree. At first, I thought it may be a cat, but with closer inspection I saw that it was a rabbit! We haven't seen any rabbits in months...once Thomas (the wild orange bob-tail kitty I cared for) began to hang around the rabbits stayed away. I hope the dear rabbits stay around.

I have noticed the red-wing blackbirds are no longer in the area now that the weather has turned cooler, but the bluebirds have returned. They left when the weather became too warm. That is what I appreciate about nature - there is always some new discovery to be made and taken notice of.

Speaking of nature, I am about to begin reading Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv. I am looking forward to reading it and the others books I picked up from the library: America's Cheapest Family by Steve and Annette Economides and The Wishing Year: A House, A Man, My Soul ~ A Memoir of Fulfilled Desire by Noelle Oxenhandler.

What books are you currently reading? What nature have you noticed in your little corner of the world?


Bobbi said...

So far, I counted 15 pairs of cardinals in my backyard - all at one time!!! It's like an invasion of red birds!

Sacred Suzie said...

Beautiful. I love how you notice the wee little birds in the area. We only have crows and seagulls. Finches are beautiful! I can't remember the last time I saw a red-winged blackbird.

I'm reading a Feng Shui book by Denise Linn and I got a book on kitchens. I'm thinking of painting but don't know what colours to consider.

The Muse said...

Amazingly the bluebirds (not bluejays) have actually outnumbered the cardinals here so far...I wonder what is going on with that? LOL

sarah p said...

Ooh what a lovely sight! We adore finches and miss our aviary full of them.

I'm not reading any book at the moment, I urgently need to get to the library!

Outside our window is a power line, and every evening a pair of starlings sit there watching the sunset. Sometimes they are joined by their fledgling. There is always something beautiful to see in the natural world, no matter where you live, if you only have the heart to see.

Lady Laurie said...

We have boat loads of brown pelicans, white cranes, and herons.
The pelicans only stay through the winter. I see quite a few racoons and foxes ~ I have even seen the foxes on the beach!
I am currently reading a few short stories from "A Cup of Comfort for Christmas."

Mrs. Staggs said...

Tracy, I hope you have started a nature journal, and are writing these things down. Combined with your love of drawing, it would be a wonderful gift for your children to have one day, or just for you to reread when you're needing a reminder of life's simple pleasures. I can tell your true self is at home within nature. You write so beautifully about what you see, and feel there.

Well, we have snow today, which is a treat. I've enjoyed seeing a hawk at the very top of one of the elm trees recently. I had to look through the binoculars, because it was a bit hard to tell if he was a hawk or an owl at first, because he had what looked like little horns. I'm not sure what I was seeing, but there was no doubt that he was a hawk.

I am reading Doreen Tovey's book, Cats in May, which has recently been republished after 40 years. She loves nature too, so I think you might would love her books. I'm also reading The Kitchen Diaries by Nigel Slater, and I've just finished reading a cozy mystery that takes place at an inn on a little island of the coast of May.