Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weekly Blessings

~ Thrift store treasures. This week I found a porcelain doll for Kayla for Christmas, a white Queen sized flat sheet with eyelet trim, a pillowcase, a lavender Gap hooded sweatshirt, and the novel Heidi by Johanna Spyri (1945 edition) all for $8.25.

~ Loads of Halloween candy purchased on sale with coupons.

~ Coming up with creative meals using what I have on hand instead of running to the store.

~ Alfred rubbing my back when it hurts. Pure heaven!

~ Hanging my children's artwork on the fridge, which brings a smile to my face whenever I see them.


Caroline said... are on a roll! I am trying to be better with the creative meals...I tend to be lazy and run to the store! I am going to work on this!

Sacred Suzie said...

Wonderful blessings Tracy! I'm so glad you found those treasures in particular. You are doing so well, you inspire me. I have got to start paying attention to sales more to save money. My supermarkets don't use coupons, crazy eh?

And I love that heart in the sky and didn't see it until Brandi pointed it out to me either!