Thursday, November 20, 2008


I awoke with a start this morning when the electricity went out. Silence can be deafeningly loud. I have recently noticed the lack of silence in my own life. There is always a radio playing or the tv is on. The fan in my bedroom offers white noise and drowns out any sound from the rest of the house. The radio is on in the car. Tap, tapping of fingers on computer keys. The kids chatter and laugh while the pets romp through the house sounding more like a herd of elephants than three cats and a dog.

Do we purposely avoid the silence for fear of what we shall find or have we simply become so used to the noise that it is considered normal?

Today I find myself longing for silence; to sit quietly and hear my thoughts. I resolve to take 15 minutes from my day and turn off the noise and distractions and go within.


Sacred Suzie said...

It is amazing isn't it? When all of a sudden even the tiny buzz of electricity is gone and you have REAL silence. It's so different. I do love it. Last night our power went out twice and I let out a yelp each time, LOL. Didn't help I was watching Ghost Hunters!

Lady Laurie said...

Isn't it strange how accustom we become to all the background noise? The tv stays off during the day, but as soon as my hubby comes home he puts it on ~ drives me nuts.
I try to have some quiet reflecting time everyday, but its hard. I think we are almost programed to be busy all the time and with that seems to come noise.
Hope you have a great day!

sarah p said...

Beautiful picture.

I used to be one of those people who always had music playing ... but then my daughter came along and she needs quiet. So often our days are almost silent. Now when I play music it has an intense power over me. So I can appreciate silence doing that for you.

It's good to have balance.

Tammy said...

Hi...visiting from Rose Cottage

Sometimes noise can be so distracting...I took a book with me to my Husbands appt today and could not read for all the laughter and noise of office machines....sigh...I've got to have a quiet corner to read...


Caroline said...

I love silence! I don't get enough of it...but, who does with kids!!! I always loved that song by Depeche Mode "enjoy the silence." It's good to have some quite time...very relaxing!

Susan in SC said...

Ive' tagged you Tracey. Check out the instructions on my blogs.