Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playing House

The past few days I've had the most fun puttering around playing house. I baked cake-like brownies that turned out light, fluffy, and oh-so-good. I also tried making garlic-parmesan bread sticks. Though they didn't rise as much as I would have liked they were still delicious. I may bake another batch today and tinker with the recipe to see if I can get it right. If it doesn't turn out, I'll try this Quick & Easy Garlic Bread Sticks recipe.

A change in perspective and attitude really does make a world of difference in how I view my work. And I really believe that making my home a cozy, comforting haven should (and can!) be a joy instead of a drudgery.

I love using my creativity in the kitchen to come up with new meals and goodies for my family, knowing they were made from scratch with my two hands. I love celebrating birthdays, holidays, family gatherings, and the magic of the seasons, and decorating as such. I love having time to learn new things along with my children, to explore, to craft, to rest, to nap, and to simply be.

It's a wonderful life.


Sacred Suzie said...

Oh it is a wonderful life Tracy! You help me see that every post you put up about your beautiful life at home.

I'm making onion and dill bread right now! Well, my breadmaker is and soon the house will smell wonderful. That is what it is to be home, smelling home-baked bread.

Caroline said...

What a difference our perspective makes! I so enjoy staying home and making my home a haven. I didn't always feel this way...I used to think that staying home was a jail sentence and I was some how "less" of a person because I didn't work.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I love how you take the mundane day to day tasks and make them seem so fulfilling! I need to come spend a day with you so I can get inspired LOL