Wednesday, November 05, 2008


It is a nesting kind of day. There is scrubbing and shining to be done. Meals to plan, a shopping list to write out, and maybe a flip through cookbooks for inspiration. I want to make bread and cookies today. Using the simplest of ingredients to nourish my family in both body and spirit.

Once I get the majority of my work out of the way, it will be time for learning and stories for the children and myself. A nap would be most welcome when my energy begins to wane. Late afternoons are for outdoor play and nature observation while the weather is pleasant. Perhaps I will journal as I soak up the sun's rays and warmth. I find my most creative ideas come when I am out-of-doors taking in, with wonder and awe, nature in all of it's beauty.

As the sun fades and night falls upon us like a dark cloak, it is time to begin preparing the last meal of the day. This is the time I love best, for we are all gathered together safe and cozy within these four walls. Too soon it is time for dessert, baths, and bedtime.

The full day has come to an end, but we get to do it all again tomorrow. And as I lay down my head upon my pillow, I count my blessings for this life I have...

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Sacred Suzie said...

Nesting can be wonderful, glad you're able to do this Tracy. I've missed it. My adventures haven't left me much time to nest and I need it!