Monday, November 24, 2008

Fire and Nature Sightings

There was a fire last night on the other side of our creek. When Alfred called to report it the dispatcher said they had a report of a controlled burn on that road, but this was far from controlled. We could see it blazing away with the flames shooting up past the tree tops! Thankfully, they sent the fire department out who got it under control - once Alfred flagged them down and told them how to get to it.

We saw more deer today in the same place as we did last Sunday when we took my brother home. The girls could barely see them as they were just over a hill, so Alfred stopped the car and gave a little honk. The deer were obviously curious. They stuck their heads up over the hill and one even walked a few steps closer! I could have watched them all day...

The bluebirds are back in our area. I noticed they disappeared once the weather became really hot. You can hear and see the red-tail hawks more often now. The girls recently got to see just how big a vulture is when one flew from the roadside where he was picking at an animal carcass as our car approached. I like to watch them soar through the sky - so graceful and effortlessly as they ride the wind currents.


Sandcastle Momma said...

That fire must have been scary. It looks so close! I love those blue birds. We never see them here at all - I wonder why not.

sarah p said...

Stunning photos. I'm really glad they got the fire under control! Scary.