Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feeling Less Than Spiffy

I'm feeling a little under the weather today, but I need to try to make it through grocery shopping at least. Other than that I have no big plans for the day. I think I'll rest and curl up with the library books I picked up yesterday.

Christmas with Victoria vol. 3
Martha Stewart Christmas
Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook
Martha Inc.

I need to come up with something super easy for dinner. Since I've been cooking all our meals from scratch for the past couple of months, I can no longer eat processed foods. My body is simply not used to all the junk anymore...which is a good thing, but when you're not feeling good, preparing a meal is the last thing I want to think about!


Lady Laurie said...

Dear Tracy,
I hope you feel better soon ~ get lots of rest. Make something easy for dinner like sandwiches and salad. I know when I'm not feeling good the last thing I want to do is cook. My kids are older so they can kind of fend for themselves. A breakfast dinner is always good too ~

sarah p said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling so good. I'm glad you're taking time to care for yourself.

I agree with Laurie, sandwiches are a great quick dinner. We eat lots of raw food here, so sandwiches are often on the menu!

Sacred Suzie said...

I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling very well Tracy. I find it hard to cook everything from scratch all the time but it's true, after you live on REAL food for a while, having fake food is almost impossible. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Jane said...


I hope you feel better. How about a pot of chicken noodle soup? I like to keep some frozen chicken breast on the bone in my freezer. When I have those "blah" days, I pull it out and throw together some soup. That's awesome that you manage to cook from scratch!!