Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another Layer of Fear

On Tuesday nights we watch The Biggest Loser. I love this show! It is inspiring to watch the contestants' progress each week - not just how much weight they have lost, but challenging themselves to do things they would never have imagined they could do.

Bob and Jillian, the trainers, totally rock! And I love how they help the contestants get down to the heart of the matter...what happened in their lives to cause them to get to a place of utter desperation. The Biggest Loser campus is, for many, their last hope.

Inspired, as always, by the show I have started working out again. Nothing too strenuous, as I want to ease back into fitness and make it a part of my daily life. I was thinking about all the times I have started exercising and then quit when I had a revelation.


Fear that if I reach my physical fitness goals I will no longer blend into the background where it is safe and comfortable. I tend to avoid drawing attention to myself. By holding myself back, I've not been really living my life, but rather just watching life pass me by.

I am ready for change; to clear out all that is stagnant and create a life of Truth, courage, and authenticity. I have already begun - peeling one layer at a time...

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Heather said...

Good for you!!! I think I should follow suit!