Monday, October 13, 2008

Home Education Inspiration

"Charlotte urges us to give children a regular feeding of ideas through sweeping tales of history, wonderful inventions & discoveries in science, lives of great men and women, stories that radiate the moral life as well as paintings, plays, Psalms, poems, symphonies - and everything else wonderful we can think of....These ideas are the children's very bread of life."
~Karen Andreola, A Charlotte Mason Companion

This is the kind of education I aspire for my children to have. To be free, curious, allowed to follow their passions and maintain a love for learning throughout their life.

We don't follow a set curriculum. Instead we read the most interesting books and/or resources we can find on what we are interested in. We narrate from the books we've read and discuss current affairs. We watch movies and interesting shows on tv. We bake, draw, craft, write and create. We bird-watch. We sing, dance, clean, run, play and take care of pets.

We play dolls, guitar, and computer games. We email family and friends. We know all of our neighbors. We make up games and play classic board games, too. What answers we don't know, we look it up on the internet. We go to the park, but we go to the library more. The librarians know us very well (smile).

We are also learning patience, how to live within our means, working together, flexibility, personal finance, home economics, living green, homemade cleaners, homeopathic remedies for illnesses, good work ethics, the importance of honesty, character, and diligence, and to be thankful for what we do have.

We're not perfect, nor do we have it all together. But we have love and we're learning every day. My children make connections on a daily basis because what they are learning means something to them - even if it doesn't always look like traditional learning. We like to think outside the box!

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