Thursday, October 16, 2008


Last weekend, Alfred & I were sitting outside enjoying the outdoors when he noticed not one, but several gray hairs and *plucks* one out of my head!! I denied they were gray saying instead they were natural highlights or sun streaks. Yeah, that sounds much better than gray.

I was talking to my sister today, telling her the gray hair story. And I mentioned that I had told my husband that gray or not I was not coloring my hair. I did that for years and it is really too much trouble to bother with - for me. I heard a gasp of horror on the other end of the line and then my sister said, "But you'll look older!!" Oh, the horrors! *giggle* "I would have never thought I'd hear you say that", she said.

Five years ago, I would have never considered going gray. Heck, even a year ago you probably would have found me in the hair color aisle of the local pharmacy! I guess I have mellowed with age. Other people's opinions really don't matter that much to me anymore.

Why are we so afraid to grow older?

With each passing day, we are getting older. There is no fountain of youth. We can not stop the hands of time. However, that doesn't mean we can't grow older gracefully. A positive attitude, a bright warm smile, loving life, and sincerity are a few things that make a woman beautiful. It's not the clothes she wears, or her hair and makeup.

It's all about inner beauty....that's where real beauty lies.


Maggie Ann said...

I agree...inner beauty and character. What we believe in our hearts and mind comes through and strengthens us too. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment. Thats always so nice. going natural with hair color certainly appeals to me. My Mother had the most beautiful silver hair.

Allison said...

I think gray hair is lovely :)

When I hit 25, I noticed a few strands that were lighter than my dark brown hair. I fretted for no other reason than that is What You Do when you spot a gray hair.

I'm 26 now, with a few more silvery stands. I think they make my head sparkle!

Lady Laurie said...

I love these photos of beautiful ladies with beautiful gray hair!
It's funny I used to pay for highlights and now with all the gray I have it looks like highlights! I think the gray will grow in slowly for at 47 its not too bad! I read somewhere that women who color their hair don't look younger they just look like older women who color their hair! That one hit home with me so now the hair color box stays on the shelf at Walmart! The only thing I don't like is my hair is so much drier I am still trying to find something for that!

~~Deby said...

You are so right..I am growing out my is healthier too...