Thursday, October 23, 2008

Book of Wisdom

I want to create a Book of Wisdom to organize all these bits of wisdom and inspiration I come across so I can eventually pass it on to my children. I want to have different categories - homemaking, home remedies, gardening, tried-and-true recipes, etc.

I am envisioning a large brown leather-bound old-fashioned scrapbook, if you will. All of my notes will be written in my hand. There will be sketches and diagrams - for both practicality and a touch of beauty.

You could be as creative as you like with a project like this. I would have treasured such a book handed down through the generations by the women in my family, but alas I have not. Perhaps my book will be handed down to the future generation...beginning with my own daughters.


Sandcastle Momma said...

What a wonderful idea!!!
I'm going to have to copy you and do that too. How special it would be to have something like that handed down to you. Your girls will cherish it!

lila said...

A truly wonderful idea! It is sure to be treasured!

patience said...

I have kept a commonplace book for years. It is a lovely thing to do.

PS, sorry if this comment duplicates itself. Blogger is being aggravating this morning!