Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little House

I watched Little House on the Prairie as a child. It was one of my favorite shows and I continue to enjoy it to this day. Lately the girls have been watching it more regularly. Now I have the desire to pull out the beloved books and read them once again.

As I move ever closer towards simplicity, I am better able to appreciate the every day things like hot water to shower with, watching a hawk or geese fly by overhead, made-from-scratch meals, my children becoming more skillful in the kitchen, and making my nest cozy. I am so thankful to be home with my husband's support and I do what I can to make his life easier.

And now with America's impending financial collapse and talk of a $700 Billion bail out from the government, I think it's a wake up call for all of us. It's time to get serious about our personal finances - getting out of debt, saving for emergencies, and living within our means. But it's about more than just money for me.

I am also learning to do things myself - make my own cleaners, play dough for the kids, homemade mixes, etc. I'm stocking my pantry a little each week. I'm researching gardening so I can be prepared next Spring. I'm looking for ways to reduce our expenses and conserve energy and water. When I have to buy something, I check the thrift stores first. Why pay retail prices when you don't have to?

For me, it's getting back to basics and turning away from the consumerist thinking and ideals. I don't really care if I'm wearing the latest fashions, have the latest hairstyle, etc. I'm more concerned with building up my home and making sure my family has all they need. I am convinced that one can live a good life on a limited budget.


Lady Laurie said...

I used to love Little House ~ mainly the books, I have to admit I was not a big fan of the show.
I remeber crying when I read the book where the dog died and Mary went blind. You know its a good book when it can make you cry!

Heather said...

I read those books as a kid and was considering purchasing the set (since I've no idea what happened to the set I read as a kid)! Simplicity is good isn't it?

Sacred Suzie said...

Beautiful post and sentiment and I totally agree. Simple living is so important. It's crazy how people are so consumer-driven and it's gotten the whole world economy into trouble, borrowing money so they can live large. Materialism is an illness and you're right, we're in for a huge wakeup call.

patience said...

You have a beautiful weblog, and a beautiful home :-)

We love Little House here too.