Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Taste of Autumn

The morning air is a bit cooler at 64 degrees and the forecast predicts it will be even cooler tomorrow, lasting throughout the week. Perfect weather to spend time in nature, work in the yard, and visit the park. I have done a little autumn decorating, but would like to do a little more. I will rummage through my candles to see if I have any fall scents. Even if I don't, I can do some baking to add the festive autumn atmosphere.

Later I am going to the library to pick up a Marilyn Monroe movie I had placed on hold. I had told Kayla how funny Some Like It Hot was and she wanted to see it. I am still waiting for the Seven Year Itch. I have been waiting for Practical Magic for several weeks now...

Today I will do a little nesting around my home - cleaning, decorating, and decluttering. I'll make something scrumptious for dinner, do the laundry, fill the bird feeder, water my flowers and refill the birdbath. Comfort, care, and beauty come from taking care of the mundane tasks.


Sandcastle Momma said...

It was chilly here this morning too. I'm not normally a lover of winter and am usually sad to see summer fade away but this hurricane season has been quite stressful and I'm ready for cooler weather and no 'canes!

Sacred Suzie said...

We're getting an Indian summer kind of day, it's lovely. Lots of gold light and finally chilling a little. I'm glad that you sound so peaceful and happy Tracy and I promise to read your story soon! I'm behind on everything because of Etsy and the dreamboards. Oh and my husband is working tomorrow night, not tonight. Woot! That is so fascinating you were going to get married on this day too, LOL.