Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Chit Chat

I've spent the morning working at my desk...clearing drawers and purging papers. Some were from 3 years ago - Eeeek! What was I thinking? While cleaning, I'm rocking out to VH1 Classic on tv.

Yesterday I didn't eat as I should and felt so bad. Lesson learned. I now know I have to eat every 3 hours to ward off low blood sugar/panic attacks. Of course, I've always known is best to eat frequent, small meals - but I resisted. I get busy doing stuff and simply don't want to stop to eat or there is nothing that I really want to eat.

Plus, I am reluctant to try new foods because I don't want to waste food and I'm not sure how to cook a lot of fresh vegetables. And let's not forget the picky children who won't touch most veggies to save their life! So I end up making the same old things for meals - things that everyone will eat.

I think it's time to shake things up. I need to break out of this rut. Next time we visit the library, I'll choose a cookbook so I can pick out a few new recipes to spice up my meal repertoire. The kids will just have to eat what I serve or make themselves a PB&J sandwich. I am not a short-order cook.

It is raining again. I don't mind it when I am helps to keep the temperature down. I especially dislike driving in rain. A light rain is okay, but when it pours so bad you can hardly see? I am so tense I can barely breathe! Thankfully, that doesn't happen to me very often.

Well, I need to make myself a bit of lunch. I boiled eggs this morning so I can make egg salad. Egg salad is perfect on toasted bread - love it! After that, more housework is a waitin'.
Talk to you soon!

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Lady Laurie said...

I have to eat every couple hours as well. I fell better eating mini~meals throughtout the day rather than 3 big ones. Of course I still have to cook dinner for the family. My kids have always been picky. Now that they are older they pretty much eat what I make. I get stuck in the what to make for dinner rut all the time. My hubby could eat meat and potatoes every night (blah). When I try something new its either a hit or a miss ~ well live and learn!
I love egg salad sandwiches and blt's!!
Hope you have a lovely Sunday ~ I hope the rain will clear up.