Friday, August 01, 2008

Letting Go

Earlier this week Suzie wrote about embracing what we really want by letting go of the things that hold us back.

Today, I let go of:
~ painful memories from my past
~ fear of not having enough or being enough
~ regret over that which I can not change
~ clutter which suffocates me
~ illness which limits my quality of life
~ lack (financially & creatively)

I am choosing to embrace:
~ Today!
~ Good Health
~ Simplicity
~ Abundance
~ Creativity
~ Gratitude
~ Generosity
~ Love
~ Peace
~ Joy


Sacred Suzie said...

Oh Tracy! This is so powerful and I LOVE that image you chose for this, wowzers! What energy there is here, I can sense true deep transformation brewing. How wonderful for you! I think you did an amazing job, I know the new moon will be impressed and accommodating.

Lady Laurie said...

No better day to do either!
Letting go of things (both physical and mental) can be such a challenge. Somethings I fear I will struggle with all my life.
Sending hugs))
Have a wonderful weekend!
I bet it is great having your hubby back. You know sometimes it was actually a little tough on me, I got kind of used to being the "boss" when my hubby was away...

Sacred Suzie said...

I still love that image! Had to come back one more time and look at it, LOL.

I'll write to you soon Tracy! Thanks for writing me. :)