Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Heaven on Earth

It's been another rainy, dreary day - but all is comfortable and cozy indoors. I got the kitchen cleaned and shiny before the kids woke up and our lessons began.

We had a very productive day. Kenzie amazes me with her ability to grasp math concepts with ease. Kayla is passionate about wild life and I imagine she will be an activist one day. Kendall, while not concerned with academic accolades, has grown in maturity and responsibility. I am privileged to be able to spend time with them, build relationships, and guide them through life.

Right now, the girls are visiting an elderly neighbor lady that lives on our street and Kendall is getting ready to workout. We are baking peanut butter cookies in just a bit. Dinner will be spaghetti with homemade bread left over from last night's dinner.

I love days like today. Days filled with good family, food, love, and learning. It's heaven on Earth.

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