Saturday, August 09, 2008

Anyone Else Thinking of Christmas?

We only have 137 days until Christmas! I have already begun purchasing gifts for my children and I'm thinking about gift ideas that I can make.

I've always wanted to give handmade gifts, but always run out of time. Perhaps this year will be different? Either way, I will start perusing Christmas magazine back issues, craft sites, and crafty blogs. I need inspiration!


Candy said...

I am!!!! :) Every time August comes around, I start thinking Christmas. Im a Christmas baby and its my very favorite time of year! Im also a winter girl (because Im part eskimo) and I Love, Love, Love Christmas and winter time. It cant get here fast enough for me. My family cracks up at me. They know I could have Christmas (and winter and snow) all year long. We have super hot summers here in Alberta and Im not a fan of the heat at all. So I for one am dyin for winter and Christmas time to get here LOL
This year I know Id like to give the ladies in our family vintage linens. Not sure what we will do yet for the kids and men.

Candy :)

Sandcastle Momma said...

I haven't started shopping yet but like you, I'm pulling out craft ideas so I can begin making some gifts. You have to start now or they never get done on time. I'm cross-stitching a stocking for Christmas and the kids are laughing because I'm cross-stitching and humming Christmas songs while it's 100 degrees outside LOL

Kelli said...

Yes! I always want to make homemade gifts, but run out of time for a lot of things. I need to start looking around for ideas, too.

Lochlanina said...

Hi, Have you seen the gingerbreadman potholders I demonstrated on my blog? They're really easy to do and are alot of fun. (My family actually like them year round even, not just for Christmas.)