Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Simple Days at Home

I love simple days at home. Taking care of the regular homemaking duties while working at my own pace. If I'm not feeling particularly energetic, I can rest and then resume my activities later in the day.

I love the quiet country life. I like to stay home most of the time and shut myself away from the world. Here on my little half acre of land there is peace and contentment. All is well as I tend to my family, home, and garden.

I am blessed to be able to stay home to keep the home fires burning and to have the freedom to keep my children home with me to grow and learn at their own pace. There is not a day that goes by that we don't learn something new. Living life is full of learning experiences, adventures, and wonders if we take the time to notice.

I am honored to be Alfred's wife and companion. He trusts me with all of his resources and appreciates my work in the home to stretch his income as far as I can and to create a place of beauty and rest for him to come home to.

I love to meet him at the door after a hard day of work with a glass of iced sweet tea and a smile. I like to make him laugh and forget the day's cares. I love to kiss him and tell him how much I love him as we snuggle together before we drift off to sleep.

There is joy and peace in the simple days at home.
All is well with my soul.


Sacred Suzie said...

Beautiful! I have also decided to take a day at home. It's too hot to go for a walk and I'd rather catch up with blogs and cook and maybe make raspberry crepes for dessert tonight. It's good to have a simple day at home for sure!

Wendy said...

A mother at home with her children is a very valuable person. I am glad you are at peace with your life and stay home to nurture your loved ones.
I wish more mothers would do the same.