Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Around My Home

Only four more days until Alfred comes home. The past two weeks have felt like forever, despite my efforts to keep myself happily occupied. But he will return before long and we'll fall back into our comfortable daily rhythm once more.

I had one corner of the living room, where the desk backed up to the wall, that was left unpainted. I am happy to report that it is now finished. I had Kendall and my not-so-little brother, Matt, move the desk far enough out for me to work. I also installed a brand new door-knob on the girls' bedroom door myself.

I am still purging belongings in an effort to greater simplify. I haven't accomplished as much in this area as I had hoped, but progress is still being made. I purge and sort as I have the time available - whether it be 10 minutes or an hour.

The care and keeping of my home is a comforting ritual. Creating beauty out of the ordinary and turning our humble home into a haven of rest and refreshment - it is good for my soul.


jennifer said...

Because of a recent move we have "purged" many of our belongings too. And you are right, it does help to simplify life.

Wanted to speak - I am an Alabama blogger too!


Sacred Suzie said...

I'm going through a clearing phase too, I want to get rid of so much junk I didn't have time to get rid of before our crazy move.

Claire said...

What a lovely ambition! I love homemaking.


Lady Laurie said...

I am really trying to keep on top of getting rid of things we don't need anymore too...its amazing the things that just pile up from magazines to clothes that don't fit anymore. We have a thrift store pickup next week. That makes it really nice that they just come to your house to pickup your stuff!
I was at my in~laws a few months ago and in their basememt they have so much JUNK!! I mean stuff that has been there over twenty years. They won't get rid of anything "because we might need it someday" I don't ever want my house to get like that!!

Susan in SC said...

I know you have missed Alfred but just think how proud he will be when he comes home to a painted room and a decluttered house! I am decluttering too and have been in a throwing away mood! (That's always good when I can let go of something!) Keep up the good work!

miss*R said...

I have been going through a period of moving furniture around..I am pretty much finished sorting stuff after many years..