Saturday, June 14, 2008


I was outside early this morning weeding the flower bed along the fence and finally finished it. It's about 72 x 12 feet and looks so much better! Now I'm working on another smaller area at the end of the house, where my caladiums are planted. There is always much work to be done in the yard.

Yesterday we saw tiny baby honeybees pollinating the sunflowers. The girls asked if the babies sting and if so how it was. Alfred told them they sting just like the big bees. I wish now I'd taken a picture of them.

I found out yesterday that Kendall and Mama will be back next Saturday night, so I've got to get crackin' on Kendall's room. I will start painting the ceiling and walls with primer today. I've managed not to even hint that I'm redoing the room to Kendall when he calls.

So take the gardening, with painting, and add in the regular housework to the mix and you can see I have my hands full at the moment. But I like to stay busy. It helps the time to pass quicker.

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Sacred Suzie said...

It must be so satisfying to garden like that! I don't seem to have a very green thumb although my tomato plants are still alive. Can't wait to eat from my own garden!

Good luck with the work inside that you need to do, hope it's just as rewarding.