Monday, June 30, 2008

This and that

We have several cedar trees in our yard. One is quite large right by the house. Mama took it upon herself to trim and shape it. She cut several branches up from the bottom and cleared it all out underneath. It looks really nice. Now I want to put in a circle border and put gnomes, fairies, and toadstools beneath it and hang a gnome door on the tree. How cute will that be?

Alfred and I have been weight training. I do my workouts in the morning before the kids get up. He does his in the evenings. I like to get my workouts done early so I don't put them off or skip them entirely. What is hard for me is drinking enough water and eating healthier, but I am continually striving to improve in these areas. The benefits are worth it!

On today's housekeeping agenda is laundry, mopping the kitchen, clean bathrooms, tidy the living room, and more decluttering. I am feeling the need to drastically pare down our belongings. Lately I've been feeling suffocated by stuff. It is very freeing to clear out the things that are no longer wanted, needed, or useful.

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Sacred Suzie said...

You are doing a fantastic job at taking care of yourself! I can highly recommend having a GIANT glass of water by the computer and every time you sit reading a blog post, take a drink. It's amazing how this hydrates you.