Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Fun on a Budget

I have been looking for activities for the kids to be involved in and discovered a few different things in our area.

Lowe's Build & Grow clinics are free

Barnes & Noble has story time on Wednesdays at 11am & Saturdays at 1pm

Michael's has craft projects for kids ages 5-12 for $5 each

Other summer fun ideas:

Make root beer floats

Visit different parks in the area

Pack a picnic lunch

Visit the library for movies, books, and CDs

Sonic drive-in Happy Hour weekdays from 2-4pm - select drinks are half price
Tuesdays at Sonic from 5-8pm - single patty hamburgers are half price
*check with your local Sonic for details*

Try a new recipe each week

Visit thrift stores for inexpensive books, puzzles, games, etc.

Play in the water hose/sprinkler

Make popsicles

Make homemade play dough

Art - paint, color, draw, make collages, etc.

Weekly family movie night with homemade fun snack foods

Go for walks - bike trail, pier, beach

Create a nature table for the treasures we discover on walks

Draw in our nature journals

Make lemonade

Visit the farmer's market for fresh produce locally grown


Create fairy houses

These are just a few ideas I came up with. Feel free to share in the comments your summer fun ideas!


Lady Laurie said...

Hi Tracy ~
Homemade summer fun is the best!! My kids have lots of fond memories of the sprinkler, homemade popcicles! I used to make them this gloppy stuff from cornstarch and food coloring (kinda like a playdough) ~ they loved that!
We like to make ice cream now and I am always going to the library.
My hubby used to take our boys to Lowes on Saturdays too ~ one year they made the neatest birdhouses!

Hope all is well with you ~ don't wear yourself out with all that painting!

Sacred Suzie said...

All fantastic ideas! My favorite is the fairy house, oh I love it. I wonder if I could do a pendant of a fairy house or something? You got my mind spinning!

I have gotten such amazing DVDs through the library, I can hardly believe it. Makes up for the summer TV doldrums for sure. I can't wait to hear the stuff you end up trying!