Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Plans

I spent the early morning hours visiting with Mama after Alfred left for work. We sat outdoors while it's still cool enough to enjoy it.

I saw a baby cardinal being fed by daddy cardinal. Thomas, our wild cat, stalked a dove but couldn't catch it...thankfully.

My sunflowers are growing marvelously. They are at least 6 feet tall now. And the Asiatic Lily Mama gave me a couple weeks ago has two beautiful orange blooms.

My tomatoes are not faring too well. I think next year I'll just buy one or two plants and I'll plant them in large containers.

Today I'll get the laundry caught up. I have to wash all of Kendall's laundry from his trip and wash the bed linens.

I have a good dinner planned, brownies to bake, decluttering and cleaning to do.

Soon, I will start on the kids' bathroom walls - getting them ready to paint.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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