Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wildlife Adventures

Alfred and I were standing on the driveway this morning when a squirrel came from across the yard right toward us! Cautiously he inched closer. I was worried he'd go after my flowers planted along the fence, but he didn't. The squirrel was inches away from Alfred...he looked like he was going to try to climb up Alfred's pant leg! Then Alfred moved and the squirrel ran away. How cool is that?!!!

(click to enlarge...he is sitting under the trees in the shade)
Thomas, the orange tabby, is still coming around to eat. Yes, we named him. I put out fresh food and water for him each morning. Sometimes he's already out there waiting for me. He still hides when I get close, but he's not going as far. I've tried to catch sight of him walking to see if his leg is getting any better, but so far I've had no luck.


Sacred Suzie said...

You really do have to blow up that image to see that cute little orange tabby don't you? That squirrel story was awesome. Squirrels have such interesting personalities. I had one throw a pinecone from a tree down on my head, he was very unhappy that I was hanging about, LOL.

Susan in SC said...

This reminds me of Ray Stevens' Mississippi Squirrel Revivial song. Imagine if it had ran up Alfred's pants!