Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wild Things

(Gracie watching the Orange Tabby)

We have a big orange tabby cat that's been hanging around. He has a bob tail and is so cute, but he is wild. He's also injured. We watched as he stalked a squirrel last weekend, then he spotted our dog Gracie and hobbled from the scene.

I told Alfred that the cat would never be able to catch anything to eat if he was injured, so we promptly went out and bought a cheap food/water bowl and a bag of cheap cat food. I could not bear to think of that poor cat starving to death!

Each day we've watched him eat and drink. He is very timid. He hides within the wood line soaking up the sun and washing his face.

This morning he was hiding in the wood line as I went out to water my tomato plants and flowers. I acted as if I paid no attention to him and went about my business. He didn't run away. But he slipped away further into the woods when I came closer to give him fresh water and food.

I respect that. He is wild, but I will continue to care for him as best I can and admire him from afar.


Sandcastle Momma said...

Cats liked to be ignored and between you ignoring him and providing food he'll be rubbing up against your legs before long LOL We've had several wild cats over the years and they really make good pets - and they're low maintenance too LOL

Sacred Suzie said...

How I adore this photo and post. It moves me. Nature is so important to me and the element of wild in animals is so often criticized as we want to domesticate them usually. I love that you supported the cat and helped to take care of him without wanting to change him. What a beautiful spirit you have!

Lady Laurie said...

Poor injured kitty, but I think it is wonderful that you are taking the time to care for him. I can't tell you how many times on our recent road trip that I saw a cat or dog dead alongside the road. I always think that could have been somebody's pet or worse still, that it was a lonely abandoned animal.
Love the photo of Gracie peeking out the window!

Heather said...

you have a warm heart.