Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This and That

Last night Alfred went running with a friend. The kids and I tagged along so we could walk the same trail. We did a 2 mile brisk walk. There were a lot of people out running/walking/biking last night. I'm hoping to go at least two more times this week.

The weather was great this weekend, though hot. We spent most of our time out of doors working in the yard: weed-eating, mowing, weeding flower beds. I also planted 13 more tomato plants that we picked up for free along side the road. Now I have 19 tomato plants: Celebrity, Brandywine, and a few different Heirloom varieties.

Today I plan to start painting ceilings in the living room/kitchen/hall. There is also laundry to catch up on and weight training to do. What are you doing today?


Sandcastle Momma said...

I don't envy you painting those ceilings! Painting over your head is always the hardest. What are you going to do with all of those tomatoes? I've never canned any before but am hoping to get enough from my 6 plants to can some this year. I haven't been walking much lately but have been riding bikes with my youngest to school every day. It's 1 mile each way so I'm getting a little exercise but not as much as I need to - bathing suit weather is rough LOL

Lady Laurie said...

Our tomato plants never do very well, I hope you have a bumper crop!! I could eat a tomato sandwich every day!
Ick on the ceiling painting ~ I let our boys do that job!!