Friday, May 23, 2008

Nature Views

Lately I have seen a lot of Chimney Swifts around our little homestead. I'm glad of it, because they feed only on insects. They fly really fast and turn so sharply. It is neat to watch. They also have a high-pitched "twitter" call.

This little cutie is a male House Finch. We've just begun to see this species around our homestead. I've seen them eating at the bird feeder. They are small birds... and I love the rosy color on his head and chest.

We also have the pleasure of seeing and hearing the Canadian Geese as they fly overhead. You can usually hear them coming and we always rush to the window to catch a peek as they pass by.


Sacred Suzie said...

We used to get house finches in BC all of the time. In Ottawa when I lived on the 24th floor you could hear the geese honking as they flew by your window. That always made me smile. Glad you have so many feathered friends around!

Paula said...

Dear Tracy,

I am so thankful for God's creation! My son and I enjoy keeping a nature journal of birds that visit our yard and feeders.

I will have to make those cookies for my husband and son. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I also enjoyed your "Things I Love" post! So sweet!

Have a lovely weekend!

Wendy said...

How awesome to see such beautiful birds!! Have a great weekend!!~Wendy

Sacred Suzie said...

Tracy, I just wrote about treasure hunting and how you inspire me!