Thursday, May 29, 2008


It has been fun watching the baby mockingbirds about the yard. They are so fat and cute, but they whine a lot. Father and Mother are never far away - they carefully watch over their babies. Did you know that the Mockingbird also sings at night? They sure do. You can read more about the Northern Mockingbird here.

They also chase other birds - squirrels and cats, too. And they mock other birds' songs; thus the reason for their name. One of my favorite things is to watch them raise their wings repeatedly (see above picture) as they hunt for insects....they try to scare the bugs out of hiding and then they nab 'em.

Happy Bird-watching!

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Sandcastle Momma said...

We have a lot of Mockingbirds in our yard and they are loud! It's a good thing we like them or else they would be very annoying LOL They sit on the feeder outside of my window but they seem to have a built in radar regarding my camera. They'll sit there everytime I walk by but if I have the camera they fly off immediately. They must be camera shy LOL