Saturday, April 19, 2008

Views From the Garden

Pretty petunias in matching pots - one on each side of the porch steps.

Morning Glories - they will climb nicely up the fence.

Skyscraper Sunflowers - growing a little taller with each passing day.

Celosia - my newest additions to the garden.

We had a full day - errands early on in the day. Then after lunch, an elderly neighbor lady asked if the girls could go to McDonald's with her and off to the park where she walks her dog. So away they went. Alfred and I took a nap.

Late afternoon was spent out in the yard. Alfred mowed the grass (still has to weed eat tomorrow) and I got to work planting flowers and laying mulch in my flower beds. It is coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself!

Alfred also washed his motorcycle and I got busy with dinner prep. We had a delicious salad, barbeque country style ribs, and macaroni and cheese. Pineapple upside down cake was served for dessert.

Now it's almost time for me to turn in for the night. I am tired and know it won't take long for me to drift into dreamland.

'Nighty night all!


joan said...

Your garden looks lovely Tracy. We plant our flowers around Mother's Day here because there's always a chance of frost till then. Have a great week.

Ann said...

Your ahead of me. My morning glories aren't showing anything yet. Soon I hope!