Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sick Days

My Kenzie girl is sick. We spent time yesterday reading library books, watched Fried Green Tomatoes on DVD, and took a nice nap. There is Sprite and ice water to sip along with crackers and applesauce to nibble on.

We brought the girls' mattress out into the living room so Kenzie could be more comfortable and closer if she needed me during the night. Of course, I was up several times during the night to check her temperature and get fresh ice water.

Today we'll be taking it easy around the home. We'll probably read more books and may begin watching Tales from Avonlea. There will be plenty of rest and TLC. This too shall pass...


Lady Laurie said...

I hope Kenzie feels better soon, just having you close by helps!!
I am so behind in my blogging...hope your week is going well!

Sacred Suzie said...

You can make sick days sound so appealing. Your love for your family and home radiates in everything you do. It's wonderful to see here on the blog. What a great Mom you are.