Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I spent the day working on the main living areas of my home - the living room and kitchen. I am still attempting to streamline as much as possible without having a sterile look. I tidied cupboards, dusted, cleaned counters, sorted, culled, vacuumed and made things as neat and sparkly as one can while in the midst of home improvements.

The walls still need work before we can prime and paint - but it will get done eventually. We have a lot of things going on right now and something's gotta give. For now I will just focus on making our home as cozy and as comfortable as I can. As I continue to simplify and declutter, maintaining our home becomes easier.

One thing I have been doing lately is unsubscribing from email newsletters I was previously interested in. As soon as I receive a newsletter I evaluate its relevance to my life as it stands now. If it is not useful, I unsubscribe immediately. My incoming email is reduced and I now have more time to get things done around my home.

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