Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Farm Fresh Eggs

I finally caught up with the lady selling eggs from her home yesterday afternoon. She was out of eggs, but said I could return today. She only charges $1.50 per dozen! I pay $1.99 - $2.19 per dozen in stores, not including tax. So I am going back today to buy eggs from her and she lives less than a mile down the road from me.

Last night Kendall did a science experiment from Robert Krampf's website and it worked! You can watch his experiments on video, too....and they consist of very basic items one would have around the house. The girls thought it was pretty cool and dad supervised.

I have no grand plans for today. There is a bit of cleaning to do and lessons to oversee, but nothing strenuous. I am feeling very tired lately - even though I have been going to bed relatively early (before 10pm most nights). Dinner tonight will be simple - sloppy joes. I may whip up some brownies for dessert, too.

That is about all the "excitement" going on here at the moment.


Sacred Suzie said...

I still think it's the coolest you can buy eggs from a neighbour like that. Considering I was making a quiche and refused to pay over $5 for omega-infused eggs, you got a deal! I had to go with eggs in a carton, I just couldn't do it. Look for my quiche recipe, it'll be up in a couple of days and you could use your new fresh eggs!

Susan in SC said...

How lucky you have found a local source in buying your eggs! Susan in SC

Elizabeth said...

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