Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Cozy Home Life

As a homemaker, it is my goal to create a cozy home for my family. It is a continual work in progress as I seek to bring beauty into our lives and create a feeling of peace, joy, and harmony within these four walls. Home should be a safe haven from the world - a little piece of heaven on earth.

When I think of a cozy home life, I imagine being surrounded by beauty - the paint on the walls, art work, gorgeous fabrics, and items that are both useful and pretty to look upon.

Paint is a very inexpensive way to transform the look and feel of a room. Be brave and add some color - even if it's just on one wall. It adds interest to a room. You can also paint mis-matched furniture to make it appear more unified or just to freshen it up a bit.

You can frame beautiful vintage-looking cards to adorn walls or find wonderful prints at flea markets or dollar stores that look fabulous in pretty picture frames. Dress up unattractive, but solid frames with spray paint or acrylic art paint. Be creative!

Fabrics can be pricy, but if you have discount fabric stores in your area, check them out. Pretty sheets can also be used to make curtains and tablecloths. Or embellish plain materials with embroidery to create your own unique look.

I imagine our home being clean and fresh, with sparkling windows and minimal clutter (I'm still working on that one!).

You need to find a routine that works for you and your family and adjust as necessary. Right now, I focus one one room each day. I thoroughly dust as I declutter. I clean windows, vacuum, put things away, etc. Whatever needs attention in a particular room gets done on the day I clean it. Then it is simply a matter of maintaining it throughout the week.

I like working with products that smell nice - whether they be purchased or made myself. I do my best cleaning when I turn on my favorite music and forget everything else - just focusing on the task at hand. I believe if you have to do a job, you may as well make it as pleasant as possible.

If you still have trouble getting motivated to clean, try inviting company over for brunch, a barbeque, or host a potluck dinner party.

I imagine a cozy home life being filled with pleasant occupations.

Keeping a home is work, but it is also an art. It takes creativity and resourcefulness to successfully manage a home. Pleasant occupations around the home can include trying new recipes, reading, writing letters or in a journal, tending a garden, listening to music that makes your heart sing, going for a walk, hand-stitchery, or countless other things.

Discover the things you are good at and that will enhance your home and incorporate into your home-life. These are just a few ideas to get you started.


Sacred Suzie said...

What stunning inspiration. I love how you write about home. It is so sacred isn't it? I wish to honour my new home more, it's hard when you don't like where you live but putting time and energy into your home can help with the present and finding peace. It is supposed to be your oasis and that's what I intend to make it!

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

I couldnt stop looking at the cozy picture. It makes me want to go and rearrange our living room--wish we had a fireplace. I've lived in 2 homes with a fireplace, and it was work keeping it clean and well worth it!

I wonder if I can find this picture and frame it.

Tracy said...

You could print the picture & frame it yourself. If you need it blown up, take it to Walmart - they are very reasonable!