Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bird Watching

When we first moved here I didn't think I would ever learn the names of all of the birds we saw, much less recognize their calls. But ten months later, I have identified several new-to-me bird species with the help of my Audubon field guide. Not only that, but I have learned several calls and songs just by observing them and listening carefully.

As a child I was passionate about birds. Mama bought me an Audubon book of birds. I had bird figurines. Mama crocheted me wonderful stuffed birds - flamingo, a parrot, and an owl. One year I even had a birthday cake decorated to look like a parrot and got a cockatiel (his name was Pretty Boy) as one of my gifts.

Living in a more rural area, being surrounded by nature, my childhood passion and fascination of birds has been reawakened. My girls now share my enthusiasm for nature observation. I consider nature to be a gift and a wonder.


Sandcastle Momma said...

I've also been trying to learn the different bird songs. I've got a few down but am still working on the rest of the birds we have around here.
My sister had a cockatiel when we were kids and that was the meanest bird! Ever since then I've enjoyed watching them but I don't want one as a pet LOL I do have feeders all over the yard and love to watch them.

Heather said...

A pretty bird song always makes me smile.