Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Meanderings

This morning the girls and I were up bright and early to go with Alfred to the Harley shop to browse around. Then we were off to Hobby Lobby where I purchased a CD-rom of vintage clip art, a Thomas Kinkade color by number kit of beautiful roses covered with dew, stencils, paints, a wooden plaque, and English Ivy & Hydrangea scented potpourri.

After returning home, we had lunch and Alfred & I took a short nap. Then, Alfred took the girls for a short ride up the road and back on his Harley. They loved it! They definitely take after their father - daredevils they are! Now Alfred is gone riding and it's a beautiful day to do so. We saw many bikes while we were out and about earlier today.

Tonight the girls will dye eggs for Easter so the Easter Bunny can hide them. He also leaves them goodies in their Easter basket. Kendall is "too old" for such childish things, but I bet the Easter Bunny will leave him a few treats, too. ::smile::

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Ann said...

I'm envious! I've been to Hobby Lobby in TN and it was great. We don't have anything like that here where I live in Maryland. I have to travel about 1 1/2 to get to a store similar to it. Sounds like you had a great day. It is freezing here in Maryland. Have a very Happy Easter!