Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Real-Life Learning

I ordered a few books we'll be using in our homeschool next year - including Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls. I love the illustrations and I think it will be a good beginner's cookbook. The girls love to help me with baking - especially cracking eggs!

I also want to find a simple stamped cross-stitch or embroidery project for Kayla so she can learn how to stitch. They girls like to watch me while I stitch. I may check the local craft stores to see what I can find. I'm not sure if Kenzie is ready for stitching. She is very active and high-spirited, but we'll look for something crafty for her to do, too.

With Kendall (and the girls, too), we'll be focusing more on real-life learning experiences and less bookwork. He will be helping with home improvement projects (this weekend he'll be helping his dad build a shed), basic auto repair, personal finance, cooking skills, and things of that nature.

The girls will be helping with gardening, home-making skills, cooking/baking, stitching, manners/etiquette, personal health and hygiene, nature study, art, and reading tons of living books that will encompass subjects such as history, science, and classic literature.

The basic subjects (the three R's) will still be covered, but I find my children learn so much more when there is freedom to explore, play, create, think, and dream.

That is real-life learning at its finest.


Sacred Suzie said...

I love real life learning! I hope that your little girls learn about building sheds as well and perhaps your son can learn about cooking? I think of how my husband can't cook anything that isn't frozen and comes in a box...we all need to learn the many real life skills out there. :)

Amy said...

yes i'm doing real life learning with my 10 year old daughter too. She loves sewing and baking and I was the same at her age. I think home arts like those are fast becomming lost which is a real pity.

joan said...

I think nothing beats real life learning. Have fun with it. Have a great weekend Tracy.