Friday, March 21, 2008

Open Windows

I fell ill rather quickly Wednesday night with a stomach virus the girls inadvertently passed on to me. Thursday morning came and I was achy and tired from a lack of sleep the night before, so Alfred stayed home from work to take care of me(isn't he sweet?). I was not allowed to do anything except sit and rest. I felt better as the day progressed and now, thankfully, feel like my usual self.

The weather is beautiful here today with blue skies, a gentle breeze blowing in the open windows, and a high of 72 degrees. I was pleasantly surprised to see our electric bill had gone down from $204 last month to $159 - which was a shock to my dear husband.

Alfred and I often butt heads concerning the use of the air conditioner. He wants to turn it on when it gets warm in the house and I protest saying open the windows - especially this early in the season. Perhaps now he will be more inclined to open windows?

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