Monday, March 03, 2008

Getting Fit

Now that warmer weather has seemingly arrived, I am ready to begin exercising. I am ready to lose the excess weight and get my body whittled into shape. I have never been "in shape". When I was younger I was thin, but not in good physical shape.

I've always been fascinated by the physiques of the female fitness competitors. I love to read Oxygen magazine. The women are muscular without looking manly. They get lean by consistent cardio, strength training, and clean eating. So I'm going to give it a go. What have I got to lose?

So here's where I am at currently:

Weight: 135.8 pounds
Measurements: 35-30.5- 38.5
(yes, I posted it!)

My plan:
Mon/Wed/Fri: Cardio, obliques
Tues/Thurs: Strength training, abs
Drink 60 oz. water each day
Eat smaller portions/4-6 small meals daily
(subject to change as needed)


Lady Laurie said...

Those are some very admirable goals. I think trying to stay healthy is so important especially as we age. I noticed I didn't like the way my clothes fit when I was around forty~something so I took action. Now I walk religiously and I *try* to eat healthy (which for me means lots of veggies) and drink lots of water. I do still have a sweet tooth and indulge just not that much. I can't lift weights due to nerve damage in my arm from an injury but I do admire women that achieve those nice arms without being bulky!

Sacred Suzie said...

I envy you! When I was in university before I got sick I did light weight training and loved seeing muscles on my body. I never wanted to be a skinny minny, I wanted to be strong. Go for it! The transition can be so exciting plus it's wonderful to be active. I miss it.

Donna said...

You're a brave soul!LOL...Good luck with the new exercise program!!

joan said...

Hi Tracy,

Good luck with getting in better shape. If the snow ever goes away, I'll be outside alot walking. Can't wait.