Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Feed Store

On a whim, the girls and I stopped at the feed store here in town. I was looking for mulch for my flowers so having never been in a feed store before I thought we'd check it out.

We ended up buying sunflower and morning glory seeds, plant markers, a hummingbird feeder, a salt block for deer, six Celebrity tomato plants, and a large bag of pine bark mulch. I I need more plants and flowers! But there is nothing like the natural beauty of flowers and eating home-grown tomatoes!

I thought the prices were very reasonable - the tomato plants were $1.99 and the mulch was $3.95. The service was excellent and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

The girls fell in love with the white bunnies and baby chicks. They are trying to convince their dad to let them have a bunny. They will even build the cage and take care of it, or so they say! ::smile::


Ann said...

I had two bunnies when I was little. One was white and the other gray. The gray one was named Penelope. Long before I had read the Shell Seekers. LOL! It was a lot of fun! I love my morning glories! But watch where you plant them because they like to take over everything! Ours grow beside our deck and by the end of summer they are up the deck, over the top, down the other side of the covering. I think sometimes if I sat too long they would grow over me. But they are so beautiful I'd forgive them. Have a wonderful evening and a great rest of the week!

joan said...

Hi Tracy,

Love the sunflower photo. My kids had a all white bunny growing up. Bunnies can live for a very long time. After they all moved out, I was still taking care of him. He was very sweet though and he looked liked the Cadberry bunny.