Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Exercise and Eating

I got my exercise out of the way first thing this morning. I find it best to do it early, otherwise I am prone to procrastinate and never get around to working out.

I'm doing better on my eating - small meals every 2-3 hours. I have a basic meal plan posted on my fridge (along with all of my fitness goals) so I don't forget, plus it helps keep me motivated.

My Sample Meal Plan:
Meal #1: Slim Fast shake first thing, because I am not interested in eating first thing in the morning. I also take a good multi-vitamin and a vitamin C tablet.

Meal #2: Special K cereal with 2% milk

Meal #3: Lunch is tuna on whole wheat bread

Meal #4: A cheese stick, hard boiled egg, or a piece of fruit

Meal #5: Dinner is a lean meat with 2 veggies

Meal #6: Dessert is a 100 calorie Slim-a-Bear ice cream

As I get used to this new way of eating, I can add more variety. But I thought for now it would be best to keep it simple and make sure it would be food I'd actually eat.

My problem before was I wasn't eating enough, one to two meals a day, so my body held on to what I ate (fat) and my metabolism slowed. By eating 4-6 small meals I keep my energy level steady, burn more calories because my body is not in starvation mode, and my metabolism is increased.

I am learning a lot as I work towards getting in shape and better health.


Lady Laurie said...

Eating mini meals throughout the day is a good idea, I have been doing that for awhile now...I have a hard time sitting down to a huge meal. Just make sure you eat enough!!

joan said...

This sounds like a great idea. I too am not much of a morning eater, though I know it is important to do. Good idea Tracy.