Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I just put a roast in the crock pot for tonight's dinner. Later this afternoon I'll add potatoes and baby carrots to the pot. I need to bake something for dessert. I think a pan of brownies will do.

It is warm here again this morning, but the skies are gray. There is a nice breeze coming in through the windows. The dog and cats are gathered together at the window watching the birds and enjoying the cool morning air.

The house is in disarray. It is hard to create a sense of order when you are in the midst of home improvements, but for my sanity's sake I will try. I can work on the scraping, taping, mudding, and sanding during the day to help speed up the process - now that I know how.

Not only am I learning new skills, but I am also learning to be patient. Though the work is hard and messy, I am enjoying the labor. I feel empowered tackling most of the work myself, instead of waiting for someone to help me. There is satisfaction to be found in a job well done.


Sharon Kay said...

Love the new header you have and your dinner sounds so good. You have more patience then most my friend. Hugs and wishes for your home to be finished very soon.

joan said...

Hi Tracy,

Your dinner sounds yummy and it sounds like you have been working very hard around your house while I've been gone. I used to do all of those things and it gives you such a great sense of accomplishment when you have finished. Good luck with your work!

Donna said...

You know I love pictures...and yours are always so beautiful!! Are you in the path of any of those horrible storms??? Are you OK???????