Thursday, February 21, 2008


Did you see the lunar eclipse last night? Clouds were forecasted to obscure our view, but we were able to see it anyway. There won't be another one until December 20, 2010!

This morning there is a steady drumming of rain on the roof. The skies are gray, but I can see the birds from the window and hear them singing. When the weather is bad, there is silence. Some fly away from the storms and others hunker down in their nests to wait it out.

Nature teaches many lessons if we will take the time to notice.


Lady Laurie said...

I missed the lunar eclipse ~ actually I forgot about it!
It is raining here too, I don't like going out in the rain, but I have errands to run.

Donna said...

Didn't get to see it..cloudy!..Hope to see the next one in 2010! Stay dry!