Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kendall's Big Day

Today is a big day for Kendall for he is going to take a test to get his driver's permit! Getting a permit is a big deal for a teenager, so I hope he does well and passes the test. Alfred will have to teach him to drive though! ::smile::

Yesterday I scraped the kitchen ceiling and then spent several hours cleaning up the mess. It looks better, but I now need to focus on getting the walls mudded and sanded so we can paint soon. That will make a huge improvement in the overall look of our home.
Updated to add: He passed his test!!!!!!
Congratulations, Kendall!


Blue House on the Hill said...


We did that in October, getting the learner's permit, I mean...Funny, Katie has been the easiest to teach to drive. I was reluctant, now I'm on my fourth round of teaching, lol. I think God's been awfully good to me this go round!

Donna said...

Good Luck Kendall!! And You work too hard!!LOL

Amy said...

Congrats to your son. Reminds of my first drivers test - I was awful lol

Donna said...

Congratulations for passing Kendall!

Lady Laurie said...

Congratulations to Kendall! I am on my third one learning to drive. I think it is harder on us parents!