Thursday, February 14, 2008

Grocery Savings

-What I bought-
2 Crest toothpastes
1 Tide with Bleach
3 Dawn Botanicals dish soap
1 Always Thin Ultra pads
1 Charmin Ultra Rolls (9 ct.) toilet paper
1 Fusion Razor
2 Arrid Extra Dry antipersperant/deoderant (B1G1F)
1 Perfect 10 haircolor kit
1 Nice & Easy root touch-up (FREE)
Sub-Total: $73.74
Minus ECBs: $5.00
Minus 1 Time CVS Coupon: $4.00
Minus Coupons: $9.30
Total OOP: $36.36
- Best Deals -
2 Country Style Ribs (B1G1F)
2 Split Chicken Breasts (B1G1F)
2 Kibbles & Bits (B1G1F)
6 GM cereal (B1G1F + coupons)
2 Pillsbury cake mixes (B1G1F)
2 Chex Mix Chocolate Turtles snack mix (Free with 2 coupons)
Sub-Total: $191.73
Minus Reward Card Savings: $58.41
Minus Coupons: $14.08
Total OOP: $114.57

1 comment:

Lady Laurie said...

I always dislike shopping for the non~food items, cause everything is so darn expensive! You did pretty good with your savings. I used to spend too much on makeup and skincare, but now I am down to just soap and moisturizer and rarely wear makeup. Another thing that always gets us is pet food. Our dogs can only tolerate Iams ~ which of course is expensive, but everything else makes them sick, same with our cats!!