Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Good Day

The air is crisp here this morning and the skies are clear and bright. The sun casts a golden hue upon the bare trees. The birds are full of song as they flit from branch to branch. It is a good day.

After our morning lessons, we will do our weekly shopping at CVS and the grocery store. I also plan to work more on the walls. It is a slow, time-consuming process. How naive I was to originally think we could knock it out in a weekend!


Donna said...

Glad the repairs are coming along! Have a happy day!

Lady Laurie said...

The mudding isn't so mad, the sanding is tedious especially the ceilings!! Be careful you don't get that stuff in your eyes, I learned real quick to wear safety glasses.
The painting is the fun part, well sorta, but when you finally see how nice everything looks and how hard you worked its worth it.