Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting Back to Basics

Sparkling frost has covered everything outdoors and it is 33 degrees this morning. As long as the wind doesn't blow, it doesn't feel too bad. I do have to go out today to do the weekly grocery shopping, mail bills, and drop off charitable donations, but it should be a bit warmer by then.

I'm sure you have noticed rising costs - especially in food prices and fuel. A gallon of regular unleaded is averaging $3.17/gallon in our area. A gallon of milk is $4.39. I do what I can to reduce our outgo. When grocery shopping I take advantage of the buy 1 get 1 free deals - especially on meat. I buy what is on sale and match coupons to save even more.

We don't shop for recreation. In fact, I try to stay out of the stores as much as possible. I am going to try to grow some of my own vegetables this year. Soon Alfred make me a clothes line so I can hang our laundry outside to dry to save on electricity costs.

I stock up on soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner, and the like when those items are on sale. I do the same for basic baking supplies. You can do a lot with a little flour, sugar, yeast, etc.

I believe things will only get more expensive in the future. We are choosing to get back to basics, simplify, and start building skills that will help keep our family afloat if hard times should come knocking on our door.


Ann said...

Wow! $4.39 for milk! We are paying just $3.09 here in Maryland. That is for the store brand milk. Our gas is the same around $3.15. We are trying to do the least amount of running as possible. I walk home from work everyday because we only have one vehicle and Paul takes that to work for 2nd shift. So I'm home most evenings. I love buy 1 get 1 deals too. Have a great Friday. Time for me to get to bed!

Tracy said...

We buy the store brand milk, too. The name brand is even more! It's ridiculous...

Lady Laurie said...

My teenage boys drink ridiculous amounts of milk. I think we should get our own cow! I use dry milk in cooking and baking and no one notices. We buy very little junk food, but my hubby does like his potato chips!

Gillian McNern said...

$3.17 per US gallon of unleaded? Here in the UK we pay the equivalent of $8.10 per gallon! Good luck with the rest of your economies, we have been frugal for a while and it can be hard. Best Wishes,
Somewhere in the middle of England