Monday, February 18, 2008

Clutter and Letting Go

I have made great progress on clearing out the clutter from my kitchen this weekend. All the kitchen drawers are cleaned out. I now have a box of books that are going to be donated after clearing out my built in book case. The pantry is neat and organized.

I also fixed a desk drawer - the slide had lost its screws and it was a hassle to open for six months or more! I found replacement screws and fixed it myself, then cleared out the drawers. Alfred even cleared the top of his dresser without me having to say a word. ::grin::

After reading Bella's post, I realized that I, too, am in the process of letting go. I'm letting go of perfectionism, house clutter, unrealistic expectations, and saying "I can't" before having tried something (like fixing the drawer).

I'm letting go of worry, feeling bad about my body because I'm no longer a size 5, my need to be in control, being a martyr, not sharing my feelings, thoughts, and opinions, and hiding behind a facade.

Who knew that letting go of clutter and simplifying could bring about such change?


joan said...

Good for you Tracy! I cleaned out my books a few weeks ago and it was hard because I love my books but I must admit it looks so much better in my office now. Now I need to clean my closet, it always gets junked up. Have a good week!

Amy said...

I wonder what a size 5 is in New Zealand sizing? hmm...(thinking).
De cluttering is a great thing, my daughter is a BIG hoarder and once a month or so we really get into her room and clear out some unused or broken things. It's amazing how much stuff little girls can accumulate :-)