Monday, January 28, 2008


Ever felt this way?

I'm dealing with old issues from the past that I thought were behind me and the one I love. Instead, I was caught off guard and old fears have reared their ugly little heads. It would be easier to run away, but as hard as it is, I have to face this head on with courage, honesty, communication, and compassion.

And I will.

I'm not the woman I was before. I can deal with this and continue to move forward. I am stronger now and will become even stronger still. It is not my responsibility to try to change another. I can not. My struggle is in learning not to react.

I am learning and growing.


Donna said...

Deal with them then find resolution then move on...My intuition tells me....well, you can do this love!!

Donna said...

PS- And how could I leave YOU out of being tagged!!! just Thought I wouldn't catch you!!!LOLOL Come over and see the rules Sweetie!!!lol

joan said...

From what I read on your blog I have no doubt you will deal with whatever the struggle is and come out the better for it. Take care.

Lady Laurie said...

Sometimes its hard to just let things go ~ but whatever it is, it is in the past. Keeping you in my thoughts Tracy and sending you hugs))